By appointment only 608-312-4222

We'll start accepting appointments for Spring . Call anytime to set up your appointment.

NOT ACCEPTING KOHLS, TARGET, OLD NAVY, SHOPKO, OR WALMART BRANDS, blazers, business suits, winter wear, skorts, long-sleeve tops/dresses, or any flawed, stained, damaged items, no smoke or mothball smelling or items with pet fur, no lingerie, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, or screen-printed shirts.

Please do not be offended if we don't accept your items. We may have too many of that particular item/style and not enough floor space. We know our clientele very well and know what they are looking for. We do our best to make you and our clients happy!
Items we DO NOT accept: appliances of any kind, no upholstered furniture, no items more than THREE years old